The Belleview Group of Companies is setting the standard for quality property projects in Malaysia.

It is a trusted name in not just any property, but property with an unforgettable view to remember and treasure for life. With top housing development projects, shopping development and property management services, Belleview is proud that every one of its projects is built not just for today, but with the future in mind. It has built a reputation as a stable, reliable and trusted company with each one of its property developments a distinction of Quality, Beauty and Nature.


Why? It all comes down to Belleview’s central belief: Envision Tomorrow Today.

“The Belleview Group believes in providing the best services to our customer, we are on persistend quest to enhance the value, safety and quality of our projects.”


The Belleview Group is committed to making real and significant contributions to social and economic developments as part of its core business strategy. Our goal is to set the standard for property development through innovative and inspired property designs of the highest quality standards.


The Belleview Group was founded in Penang in 1984. Since its inception, we have rapidly built our reputation as a leading developer through an emphasis on thoughtful and enduring designs, superior quality property developments and timely completion of our projects.

Our passion to exceed our customers’ expectations has put us in good stead to continue attracting significant interests and investments in our wide range of property offerings from high-end to affordable landed and high-rise residences to commercial and lifestyle properties. At Belleview, our actions are anchored upon a firm belief that our responsibilities to our customers remain long after the completion and delivery of our properties.

As a result, The Belleview Group is now reputed to be a stable and reliable company – a leading property developer which our customers and the public can confidently place their trust in.

The Belleview Group has grown in strength through the years. As we come close to a quarter of a century into business, we strive to continue building on our accolades and strong heritage to meet business challenges of the future.

The year 2008 will be an important milestone year for The Belleview Group as we gear towards the nextphase of our growth and development. To mark the beginning of our exciting journey into the future, The Belleview Group proudly introduces our new corporate logo, which represents Belleview Group’s brand essence: Visionary. Highly Professional. Innovative. Welcoming.

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